How to ring in the New Year

. . . with Christ

It’s such a conflicting thing, being young and loving Christ. Last night all I wanted to do was get drunk and party with all my friends but that place is my heart that was so generously graced with God’s love told me no. This half of me want this to be the year of “Fun!” but another half of me wants it to be a year of God. That right there is my mistake though, it’s a big portion of this Christians communities mistake, we think we can’t have both. We can ! God is not expecting us to sit around all day and do nothing because of wait could be tempting us on the outside. God wants us to go out, have fun, enjoy the life he has surrounded us with. You can go to parties and not engage in all the unholy acts. Just hangout, make sure everyone has a safe ride home. Go hiking! Explore all the nooks and crannies of your town! Road Trip! Fun isn’t always about getting drunk either. God has set this road before you to enjoy every step, but with him in mind. SO with that said, let 2016 be a year of Christ and a year of fun. Because they both are possible! revelation21


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