“Forgive and Forget”. Such a common phrase used when in the after math of a falling out but just how easy is forgiving and forgetting? Is one easier than the other? I certainly think so. God tells us to love our enemies which requires forgiveness but does it require us to forget? Maybe. I mean we can’t actually forget the situation. It means to forgive and move on, essentially. We’ve all had friends hurt us, family betray us, and every other sort of fight. We forgive them and remain friends but do we actually move on? How many times have you been in an argument and brought up something from 3 years ago to make a point. Hmm. Exactly. Forgetting is not so easy. Do you think Jesus forgets ? I believe he does. Every morning our grace is renewed with Him. He gives us a clean slate every-single-day. Imagine that? We hurt him every day and he allows us a fresh start every single day and never uses that against us. I think this should in our minds this weekend as we try and practice forgiving and forgetting.41cdf92532044070be515de603be82e2


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