Little Letter

I came home today from school a little late and as I usually do, I grabbed the mail. It was a small load today. Just two things. One was a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon and one was a little pink envelop with my handwriting on the address label. I open it with confusion and soon realize it was a letter someone had written to me at NCYC ( National Catholic Youth Conference). It was so nice to read something talking about how my “holiness” reflected on other people. It was also bittersweet.Ever since leaving Catholicism I have felt this “missing” feeling. This little letter was from my past. My catholic past. While I do feel this missing feeling , I also have gained so much since leaving. My prayer life is more active, I have a real and healthy relationship with God and I have an amazing community of people that focus on my “do’s” instead of the “don’ts”. Being christian is hard in a predominantly “catholic” area. I quote catholic because no one is really practicing their faith, they say they are out of tradition and the purpose of labeling. I am grateful for that little pink letter, it warmed my heart today but I am also grateful for my new spiritual life in plain ole Christianity. Jeremiah-29


Is blood really thicker than water?

I remember growing up, my mother would always say that “Blood is thicker than water.” By this she meant that blood relatives are better than friends. Blood is such an odd way to describe relationships but we do it all the time. I mean Jesus shed his blood for us and he is not biologically related to any of us. He is also the Son of our Holy Father so technically He is family. Jesus also washes our sins away with water. Blood and Water. Two totally separate substances that give us so much. Blood is in our veins and water in in our body. These two things are invested into us equally and we need both to survive. Physically and Spiritually. If Jesus did not wash away our sins with water, we would forever remain guilty. If Jesus did not shed his blood for us. We would never know the love and peace God gives us. Blood naturally is without a doubt thicker than water but spiritually, blood and water share the same depth… Redemption.