Little Letter

I came home today from school a little late and as I usually do, I grabbed the mail. It was a small load today. Just two things. One was a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon and one was a little pink envelop with my handwriting on the address label. I open it with confusion and soon realize it was a letter someone had written to me at NCYC ( National Catholic Youth Conference). It was so nice to read something talking about how my “holiness” reflected on other people. It was also bittersweet.Ever since leaving Catholicism I have felt this “missing” feeling. This little letter was from my past. My catholic past. While I do feel this missing feeling , I also have gained so much since leaving. My prayer life is more active, I have a real and healthy relationship with God and I have an amazing community of people that focus on my “do’s” instead of the “don’ts”. Being christian is hard in a predominantly “catholic” area. I quote catholic because no one is really practicing their faith, they say they are out of tradition and the purpose of labeling. I am grateful for that little pink letter, it warmed my heart today but I am also grateful for my new spiritual life in plain ole Christianity. Jeremiah-29


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