Why I’m leaving the Republican party. . .

When I registered to vote on my 18th birthday, I didn’t even hesitate to check off “Republican”. A party my family so firmly stood behind. On my 18th birthday, I was  a fresh high school graduate with no solid religious beliefs and no outside understanding of the outside world. Be a christian and a college freshman truly changes your perspective on things and before the Leftist start cheering because they gained another member. . . I am not one of you either. There are many thing on either side that I do not agree with and I’ll take my time to explain my views and why they don’t align with either party.

  • I am pro life, meaning I am not just against abortion but euthanasia and the death penalty.
  • I am not anti-gay because I am christian, I love all my LGBTQ brothers and sisters.
  • I am not a feminist because I believe in gender roles but I do think women should be treated fairly and with respect.
  • I believe in equality for all races and ethnicities
  • I do not believe in letting illegal immigrants live here but I also do not believe in deporting millions of innocent people for the sake of ourselves
  • I believe in cheap higher education but not making the rich pay for it.
  • I believe in more women in the senate
  • I believe in feeding the hungry and assisting the poor but not just handing out free money because Jesus didn’t give the people fish, he taught them how to fish).
  • I don’t believe in global warming but I do believe taking care of mother earth is important because hey, we only get one earth.
  • The two party system is not sustainable
  • I believe in the second amendment but better background checks.
  • I am christian before I am a party

This list is only an short bullet example of why I can not side with just one party. Jesus served and loved and, personally, neither party does both. Choosing a candidate who represents the values of Jesus Christ and not their party platform. I pray you evaluate your reasoning for siding with a party. Is it because you’ve been this way all this time? Your dad is a republican? Your school is more liberal? What do YOU want in a candidate ? Take a look and decide if a party is actually your best option. Best wishes – Lex.


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