American Family Values

My entire family is composed of immigrants. All coming here to pursue a better life for themselves and future generations but all I’ve witnessed is work addicted, money hungry adults. Family values are easily being diluted by the constant need for more. I am more than appreciative for the sacrifices my parents have made for me and my three siblings. I will never have to worry about college debt, a car payment, or if I have a place to live when I graduate but my parent’s sacrifices included missing my last year of competitive dancing, recitals, school ceremonies, even just simple family dinners. The family is something that is so valued in the typical Italian movies but I only witness tight-knit family time during the holidays and even then conversations were focused on money, working, and our small business. There was never an escape from the fast-paced American culture. Again, my parents working every day is something they do to support their family of six financially because, well in America, you have too.

America makes it almost impossible to support a family on just one parent’s income. We stopped valuing family and replaced it with money. Kids want more, parents work more. Parent’s work more to give their kid’s more. We miss birthday’s, events, and awards just so we can afford to give our kid’s a new Xbox or expensive sneakers so they can fit in with the rest of society. We have put way too much emphasis on stuff and not on experiences. You will never get back you child’s 5th birthday but chances are they will forget about wanting that new toy in 3 weeks. We need to stop raising our kids to want and we need to start focusing on family.

I just see such a difference in my generation than the ones before mine. We didn’t get the gift of family. Stay at home parents are a myth and being able to support your kids emotionally and financially has become an impossible task.  I can not imagine having to raise my kids this way. I want them to value family, love, and God. Not brand new cars, expensive clothes, and cell phones. America doesn’t seem to be to going back to the 50’s family values anytime soon and I don’t know how we ever will. Everything on this earth is so temporary but love is something that lasts an eternity and yet we let that slip through our fingers for a new purse or watch. Time is ticking and we are missing out on so much.




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