2016: An Eventful Year.

This is my list of everything major I have done this year! I hope you all had an eventful year so with that being said here is my year in review.

  • I visited the Bridge of Flowers in Shelbourne MA
  • I went to Walt Disney World for the first time ever
  • I performed at Disney Springs
  • I rode my first roller coaster.
  • I Graduated high school
  • I applied to four schools and got into each of them
  • I got accepted into the college of my dreams
  • I started my freshman year of college
  • I went to my last prom. . . ever
  • I taught CCD
  • I left catholicism
  • I got baptized.
  • I performed at Relay for Life
  • My dance team scored one point away from platinum
  • My dance team got invited to nationals
  • I performed at my last dance recital
  • I assisted teaching Ballet
  • I finally got on pointe shoes
  • I hiked!
  • I visited the Peace Pagoda in Leverett MA
  • I visited Hampton Beach
  • I became legal !!
  • I scratched my first lotto ticket
  • I ended my first semester of college with a 3.0 GPA
  • I stop competitively dancing
  • I drove through every New England state
  • I became an official member of The Church of Christ
  • I studied the bible
  • I helped others study the bible.
  • I went camping
  • I started a blog
  • I made a group of friends for the first time in my 18 years of living

2016 has been such a wild year but a year that was so needed for me spiritually. 2016 you’ve treated me well, but I am ready for a new year. I am ready to welcome you, 2017.


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