My 2017 Bucketlist

Two thousand seventeen is going to be the year of experiences and here is my to-do list before December 31st, 2017!

  • Attend a Celtics Game
  • Attend a Revolution Game
  • Go to The Big E
  • Visit the Ben and Jerry’s flagship store in Burlington VT
  • Visit the Mark Twain House ( Hartford CT)
  • Visit Niagra Falls (NY)
  • Make the trip to Canada
  • Visit the Statue of Liberty
  • Visit Atlantic City (NJ)
  • Visit Hershey Park (PA)
  • Visit Hampton Beach (NH)
  • Attend Soul Fest (NH)
  • Eat at Wahlburgers
  • Go Horse Back Riding
  • Go Zip Lining
  • Go Kayaking
  • Go indoor rock climbing
  • Attend NY Comic Con
  • See Aladdin on broadway
  • Get a new job in New Haven
  • Start my youtube channel
  • Go on a mission trip
  • Read the entire Bible
  • Go to bartending school
  • Go to at least one concert
  • Join the Psychology and Criminal Justice Club
  • Celebrate my 19th birthday
  • Become a sophomore in college.
  • Take summer classes at STCC
  • Write a blog post daily
  • Start up photography again
  • Baptize someone I know
  • Get my first tattoo
  • Pierce my triple forward helix
  • Become a vegetarian
  • Grow closer to God.
  • Attend a painting class
  • Visit the PEZ factory.
  • Get a matching tattoo with my best friend
  • Rejoin the Ushering team at church

I am sure so many more things will happen over the course of the next year and some of these things may not actually become a reality, but I have goals and I cannot wait to start checking off things once this year gets rolling. Grateful to have the ability to pursue my dreams and goals and blessed to have God along side be through all of it.


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