Week 5: List What You Want Your Life to Look Like In 10 Years.

This is so far my favorite prompt solely because I thoroughly enjoy planning out my entire life. So with that being said, let’s dive in.

  • I want to be married to my best friend
  • I want two kids (preferably a boy and a girl)
  • I hope to have two dogs
  • I want to have my own house (preferably custom built) with a pool
  • I hope to be working my dream job as a therapist working with juvenile offenders
  • I hope to be playing a huge role in my church and being able to lead people to Christ
  • In ten years I want to be living somewhere that isn’t Massachusetts
  • I hope to be completely and 100% financially stable
  • I hope to be driving a brand new Honda Accord
  • I want to live somewhere close to the beach.
  • I want to be a University of New Haven Alumni
  • I want to be the best Aunt / Godmother
  • I want to be closer to Jesus
  • I want a pet Bunny
  • I hope to be an established blogger
  • I hope to have my photography license

I obviously have no idea where this life or God will take me but I always get a sense of security having a ten-year plan. I pray for these things daily and just have to trust that God knows my heart . . . and what is best for me. I encourage you, readers, to make your own ten-year plan. . . to open your mind and heart and pray that what’s on your heart will be answered by God. Live in the moment but let your mind wander a little. – Lex


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