Week 9: List What You Treasure The Most

  • My relationship with God: This obviously is something I treasure seeing as, without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I wouldn’t be able to appreciate anything else I have. He is the sole reason I have things to treasure in the first place.
  • Time with Family: Family is something so important to me. We argue, fight, get annoyed with each other, and even give each other the silent treatment but when we get together and laugh it is like no other.They truly do make life better.
  • Nice Weather: There is nothing more “feel good” than the 70-degree weather in New England during March or 65 and Breezy during July. Weather fluctuates so much where I am from so when the beautiful weather makes an appearance I appreciate it so much more.
  • Summer Time: In New England summer typically lasts from Mid June – End of August. It’s our shortest season but my favorite one. I love toes in the sand, salty sea water, and sunshine hitting my skin. I wait all year for those two and a half months so I can enjoy all the wonderful things that summer brings ( like it being acceptable to eat ice cream all day every day).
  • Good movies: I live for movies. I love such an array of different genres. Being cuddled up with a big blanket, popcorn, and your favorite movie is something so comforting and safe. No matter where you are if you have those three things, you’ll feel comfortable.
  • Quality dates with my boyfriend: William and I are on strict budgets for being college students so whenever we go on our once-a-month dates I appreciate them so much more. So far we’ve gone mini golfing, seen a movie, and have gotten breakfast at this fabulous Local Diner. We get to enjoy each other while exploring new places which is such a wonderful thing to do as a couple.
  • Me time: I grew up the oldest of four kids, shared a room, worked alongside my parents since I was 15, share a dorm in college, and was always a very busy teen. Whenever I can just get a simple 10-15 mins to myself, I am so grateful. You need Me Time to survive this crazy world. We need that to get through so I enjoy that time with just myself.

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