Week 13: The Things That Always Cheer You Up.

  • My boyfriend
  • Facetiming my favorite cousin
  • Seeing my best friend
  • Peanut Butter
  • Finding money I didn’t know I had
  • Someone asking me how my day is
  • Nice Weather
  • The beach
  • Painting on canvas
  • Watching my favorite movie
  • Seeing family I don’t see very often.
  • Listening to 90’s music

When we get angry it is so easy to get sucked up into our own misery. It gets easier and easier to sulk and let the bad emotions consume us. Make your own list of things that always cheer you up and give them to the closest people in your life so they will know how to pick you back up. Also, remember these yourself so you are able to resolve any inner issues going on with some simple things in life that just make your heart warm. It is so amazing to me that little things in life can make or break you so it is so important to remember the good things to recover from the bad. Stay happy and stay cheerful – Lex.


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