Week 15: Your Dream Trips

  • Italy – Every Major tourist spot + My mother’s hometown
    • I am a first generation American on my mom’s side and second generation on my dad’s. I come from a long line of pure-bred Italians and I would love to see where my roots come from
  • Bahamas
    • I love anything tropical, warm, and surrounded by water.
  • Hawaii
    • We, as Americans, have the privilege to have a tropical island be part of our country and yet hardly any of us visit. I love their culture and I find it so beautiful. Also, My favorite Christian family, The Bethkes, live there and they are awesome.
  • Disney World
    • I’ve already been here but it’s Disney.
  • Any Third World Country
    • It has always been my dream to serve people in places that need it most. I actually almost signed up for The Peace Corps before applying to college. I have such a need in my heart to give to those parts of the world.

God gave us such a diverse and magical planet to live on and I find it sad when I hear people never leave their hometowns. I crave travel and if I had the money I would’ve seen all of these places by now. I think if you have the means . . . you should be seeking these other parts of the world. Learning and seeing new places, cultures, and people help us grow as people and we get to become more enlightened. My challenge for you is to make your own list and then set up a little fund for your first trip. Even if it’s just traveling to the state next to yours. Just go. – Lex.


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