Week 18: List the Things That Motivate You

  • God
  • My boyfriend
  • My friends
  • My future family
  • My future career


Motivation is something I lack in a lot of places in my life because I enjoy living in the now but my brain can’t help but wonder sometimes and think about what my future holds. I do well in school to glorify God but also to make sure I can provide for myself and my future family. I want to make sure that everything I do has a positive effect on my future life while also glorifying God. . . which can be difficult. This means I can’t cheat on tests or copy someone’s homework to cut corners in order to receive a good grade. . . I actually have to study and work hard. When it comes to my health, I try and maintain a healthy lifestyle so I am able to glorify God with my temple but also so my future husband has a nice piece of arm candy (partially joking). I also just wanna make sure I am healthy enough to be able to run around with my future kids. I never want my health to hold me back from being a good mom. Motivation is something some people struggle with more than others but I thoroughly think if you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, that’s all the motivation you really need. – Lex


Week 17: List Difficult Times That Have Made You a Better Person.

Well essentially all of life is a difficult road but I will share with you the three biggest life changing moments thus far in my 18 (almost 19) years of life.

  1. My parents had once gotten ahold of my twitter and didn’t like what they were seeing so they forced me to work in our family restaurant as punishment. I suffered from a lot of anxiety, missed out on a lot of school events, and missed out on the joys of high school because I had to serve some sort of punishment. Working there gave me so much more confidence and boldness. I had to talk to people, yell, get things done, multitask, and all while not losing my cool. It was not always easy but I can certainly see how much more confident I am now compared to three years ago.
  2. Being bullied all through my school career. People are just downright cruel and mean in school! I was picked on for everything from my clothes, my hair, my body, my face, who I was talking to. It didn’t matter. Those times taught me about perseverance and fighting for justice.  I kept going to school and learned to face these people head on and to eventually just let whatever they say roll right off my shoulders. I treat everyone equally and with respect because I know how it feels to be treated like a “less than” simply because I wasn’t like everyone else

3. I believe when my brothers born was a difficult time for me as a child. I had divided attention between my parents, my sister was already stealing the show, and now two little bundles of joy had come in to scoop up the scrapings of attention that were left for me. My parents worked a lot after they were born so I had to step in and be parent #3. It’s stressful and overwhelming. I always felt like I had to grow up so fast because my parents needed me. Although I was having the joy of being merely seven years old ripped right out of my life, helping raise those two little dweebs was probably the most beneficial to my life. I became more patient, compassionate, loving, and nurturing. They helped shape me and now even at eighteen years old, I still love seeing life through their eleven-year-old eyes.

When times get tough, trust me when I say God has plans for you. He will take care of you! He can turn dust into diamonds. He can use difficult situations to make us BETTER. Trust in the Lord. He’s got this. – Lex.