It has been on my heart to go on a mission trip for a very long time. I have found an opportunity to do mission work in Hawaii. I love traveling, serving, and meeting new people and this trip will provide me all of that. I am writing this to ask for your help! This trip cost money, money that a broke college student does not have. I need this trip and the people of Hawaii need this trip! I will be building homes, creating sustainable agriculture, and mentoring the homeless youth of Hawaii for ten days. I am not only asking for money but for prayers, support, love, and encouragement. This trip has the potential to be life changing and I want to be a part of it. I would love for this opportunity to become a reality and I need you to help me. Thank You! – Lex.

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Love your refugee

This is post is going to discuss my ongoing conflict with people who are against the refugees coming to America. *This may hurt some feelings*


I come from a long line of immigrants, my mother, my uncle, both sets of my grandparents, my great grandparents on my dad’s side, and many great aunt’s and uncle’s. I am first generation American on my Mothers side and second generation on my father’s side. We originate from Italy. A low risk country. My family came to America to make a better life for themselves and generations to come. It took them a long time to process paper work, apply, make money, passports, green-cards, the whole nine yards. So, with that being said, it amazes me how my family can be against the Syrian refugees coming to America and this isn’t just my family, I see many of my fellow adult Facebook friends talking about how “We can’t even take care of our own and yet we want immigrants to come here?”. We call Syrian refugees dangerous, job stealing, terrorist. When in reality they are just human. 

My first point is going to be the immigration process and the circumstances Syrian people are living in. My family, living in a low risk country, took forever to come to America. Their own rush, was to make money. The immigration process is something that needs refining. Now, Imagine being a Syrian refugee, your neighborhood is being bombed, your husband was killed in war, your kids are starving. Look me in the eye and tell me you wouldn’t try fleeing your country, legal or not. These people do not have the time, health, or money to wait around for the American government to process this much paperwork. I am not saying we should just let them in without documentation, but they need help and who are you to deny them of that? There are women and children of innocence dying and you want to close the borders? Put yourself in their shoes for just 5 whole seconds. Imagine America became war struck, no food, no water, and vicious bombs being dropped on homes like a rain storm. You’d escape, maybe to Canada, and Canada tells you “No”. Your dying kids look you in the eye and ask where they are going to sleep tonight. So please, soften your hearts to these people. America is too privileged sometimes to understand.

My second point is the so called “violence” these people bring. How dare, we Americans with the largest incarceration percentage in the world, call other people violent. Are some Syrians violent? Sure but so are some Americans and we let them live here. Please calm down with this excuse. Evaluate the people in your own country before you point fingers at others. My own grandmother called them violent and yet Italians brought the Mob to America. Nice.

Third. Please, do not sit here as a “Christian” and then post on FB that Syrian refugees are not welcome. Jesus would have taken them in Immediately with open arms and grace. He would have taken care of them. You people love to proclaim that people in America are struggling and not being helped so we shouldn’t bring in more people. Okay, well what are YOU doing to help the people here? Probably nothing. It is actually sickening to see people voice an opinion and take no action.  Syrian refugees need a refugee! Do some research on this war, that literally gets no mainstream media, before you make a judgment.

These people need are help. Let’s be the most powerful country in the world and use it for something other than new cellphones or shopping malls. Let’s use that power to help people in need and give them love and refugee.

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”-Galatians 6:2

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”- John 15:12

“Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality”- Romans 12:13